Acid Horizon

Answers Without Organs - Acid Horizon's Third Q&A

December 07, 2021 Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
Answers Without Organs - Acid Horizon's Third Q&A
Show Notes

Fresh back from a brief hiatus last month, the Acid Horizon crew kick things off with the latest edition of Answers without Organs. In this episode Craig, Will, Matt, and Adam answer queries from patrons and twitter followers on such topics as: the use of psychoanalysis in political thought today, the meaning of philosophizing, getting critical theory work out there, Hardt and Negri on the Multitude and Digitalization, Plato's greatest hits, Nietzsche's interpreters, and the fundamental question of political philosophy; why do people fight for their servitude as if it were their salvation?  — Also in the works is our upcoming collaboration with Zer0 Books on our new series "Zer0 Books Archives" where we go through some of our favourite hidden gems of the Zer0 catalogue. We hope you'll enjoy them in the coming months!

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