Acid Horizon

PC Music, Accelerationism, and Xenofeminism

February 10, 2021 Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
PC Music, Accelerationism, and Xenofeminism
Show Notes

In this episode, we invited friends of the show, Will and Anton, to discuss their upcoming project: an ethnographic, musicological, and philosophical investigation into the aesthetic phenomenon of 'PC Music' and its unique digital use of space, facial framing, and audible intensity in generating concert experiences. Taking artists such as A.G. Cook and SOPHIE as paradigm cases, we discuss how PC Music, otherwise known more generally as 'hyperpop', integrates accelerationist methods to lay bare the practices of subjectification that arise in societies of cybernetic control. We use this to go on and talk about the deconstruction of identity, hauntology, trans studies, and the relation of Queerness to the promise of new futures across a plurality of post-capitalist frontiers.

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