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What is 'Collapse Feminism"? with Alice Cappelle

November 12, 2023 Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
What is 'Collapse Feminism"? with Alice Cappelle
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We’re doomed. We hear this phrase more and more frequently. Collapse has become the framework through which we write, debate, theorise, and therefore make society.

In such times of crisis, women are more likely to see their rights attacked, their sexuality scrutinised. On social media, it is claimed that women are responsible for the downfall of Western society. To make matters worse, this anti-feminist discourse has merged with internet culture and is being pushed by the algorithm into users’ social media feeds.

Covering everything from the reactionary politics of the “manosphere” to sexual liberation, hookup culture, traditional femininity, the girlboss, and self-help content, Collapse Feminism looks at how this conservative backlash is being orchestrated online and why we must fight against it. Reversing our contemporary catastrophism, Alice Cappelle asks readers to join her and others in building a future that will liberate us all.

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