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What is Destituent Communism? Tarì Part 2

June 17, 2022 Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
What is Destituent Communism? Tarì Part 2
Show Notes

On this episode of Acid Horizon, Craig, Matt, Will, and Adam are joined by Henry from the Forms podcast, Matteo Spanò of Cashmere Radio, and musician Danji Buck-Moore to discuss There is No Unhappy Revolution by Marcello Tarì. This discussion centers around Tarì’s account of “destituent power”. What is it? What is its relationship to the concept of the constituent? What is the relationship between destitution and the subject? How can we recognize the ruptures in time that allow the communism of the present moment to seep through? What is Tarì’s approach to futurity in revolutionary struggle? How does destitution relate to the struggles that line history and those of today? 

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