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Schelling and Ecological Thinking with Chris Satoor

April 16, 2022 Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
Schelling and Ecological Thinking with Chris Satoor
Show Notes

Craig, Adam, and Terry (from our last Kant episode) are joined by Schelling scholar Christopher Satoor to explore the early work of Friedrich Schelling. Schelling tried to deduce the harmony of the conditions of experience and the productive activity of nature, and through a dynamic of intensities and forces aimed to synthesize and transcend the Spinozistic and Kantian limits of knowledge.  We are guided through Schelling's naturphilosophie by Christopher Satoor, a doctoral candidate and faculty member over at York University whose paper “Becoming-Dynamic The Early Schelling and the Production of Nature”  covers of the early Schelling manuscripts from his First Outline to his philosophical dialogue Clara, and his fragments of writing on Plato's Timaeus. We discuss the points of continuity between Schelling's many philosophical systems, his place in the history of German Idealism, and how his dynamic realist ontology offers to re-orient the human in its relation to nature beyond anthropocentric chauvinisms.

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