Acid Horizon

Césaire: Discourse on Colonialism

May 02, 2022 Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
Césaire: Discourse on Colonialism
Show Notes

On this episode we're going to be looking at the work of Aime Césaire, focusing on his 1950 work Discourse on Colonialism, Césaire was a Martinician poet and communist politician who was one of the leading figures in the emancipatory movements of the French-speaking colonial sphere, as well as a poetic voice central to the cultivation of contemporary forms of radical political blackness. In the discourse on Colonialism he poetically and powerfully exposes the hypocrisy and ideological brutality of European colonialism and its inherent dehumanizing violence, a violence which not only debases the colonized, but also dehumanizes the colonizer in its fascist becomings. Césaire questions the abstractness of the universality that European ideology pretends to embody, and encourages us to imagine new living universalities of fraternity and abundance, shaping the coming horizon of the decolonial future.

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